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Volume Wars with Paul McCartney

Sir Paul lays out the process of making his new album – “Egypt Station” (Capitol Records), his first #1 chart debut in 36 years – and he also divulges some new stories from the Beatles days, everything from on-stage volume wars to the band’s mindset as they crafted their final masterpieces. 

Doctor of Death

Darkly fascinating, Dr. Death is the latest podcast out of Wondery. Dr. Death explores the grisly case of Dr. Christopher Duntsch who performs gruesome surgeries on unsuspecting patients.

Tabbit v1

So for the last few months I’ve been working on and off v1 of Tabbit, which I’m excited to show off in the next month or so. This version includes a couple of features I really wanted in a new tab screen.

All is fair in business and war

Those of you who know me, know how much I love podcasts (I do work on a podcast app after all). So I’m frequently gushing about a new podcast I discover or one I’ve been a fan of for a while. I figured it’s time to start sharing what I’m listening with and what I’ve… Read more…

A little piece of magic

General Magic, a company most people have never heard of had a vision to create the first smartphone. A new documentary looks at the impact General Magic had and how it contributed to the smartphone industry today.


If there is one thing I’ve learned recently it’s that keeping it simple is almost always the best course of action. Instead of spending months or even years perfecting something, launch it and figure out if anyone even wants it. That’s not to say you can cut corners, but you don’t need every bell and… Read more…


My quest to release several new projects this year continues with the release of Louder into the Chrome Web Store. Louder is a Chrome App that allows users to quickly access several popular music sites in a frameless webview (similar to an iframe). The frameless webview allows you to use each website like a native desktop application removing tabs… Read more…